The Luna Sequence is the Electronic Rock project of Kaia Young. Having had an interest in electronic composition spurred on by the discovery of 90s dance and techno, followed by an immersion in the local college punk & metal scene, Young has synthesized diverse influences into a nascent hybrid form of Drum & Bass, Electronica, Metal, and Punk that has solidified over the course of five releases since early 2009.

While so far purely instrumental, the output of The Luna Sequence is both deeply emotive and highly cerebral in nature; it is a vehicle for both Young’s own internal emotional processes and her examination of the imperfect complexities of the human psyche at large, a theme reflected in the origin of the project’s name. Kaia explains: “The name was taken from a policy review of a psych facility. The author proposed a theory he jokingly called ‘The Luna Sequence’ regarding the residents’ self-abuse and suicide attempts during full moon cycles. The facility had a policy of preemptively locking everyone in isolation rooms before the full moon, and the author couldn’t understand why an otherwise well adjusted and behaved person would try to hurt themselves when put in isolation ‘for their protection’. People will be dysfunctional if you convince them that they are dysfunctional…” Most of the project’s releases have investigated a variety of such cognitive oddities that plague human-kind.


“There is a sense of grandeur in the compositions appropriate for any film or even video game soundtrack, making This is Bloodlust a rather excellent album that solidifies The Luna Sequence as an impressive force in modern music.”

“One thing is for sure, Kaia Young composes music without any form of compromise. She sounds like she is avoiding all musical standards and seems to reject jumping on a fashion train.”

“This is one of those times where you’ll have to bear with me, but it actually feels pretty cool to headbang to an electronica disc. When a song can go from something close to breakbeat to a guitar riff that seems almost purpose-built to getting a circle pit going, it’s exciting. “